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myCurlingCoach Ver2.0 - (click here for more detailed information and screen shots)
The myCurling coach iPad application can used by curling coaches;
Collect statistics on all stones thrown in games by players.
Discuss strategy by placing stones on the curling surface.
Discuss the game strategy by playing back a recorded game.
Record and playback a game to illustrate specific strategies for training purposes.
No need to reverse the placement of the curling stones when recording stone in either the far or near houses.
Use iPad camera to take a picture and associate with a player’s recorded stones.
The database for myCurlingCoach is structured such that each player has is a series of games, where each game consists of a series of ends where the following stone information is recorded for all stones played in each end of a game.
Player’s name
Stone number & color
Stone type of shot & hit score between -1 to 5
Stone hit score reason & hit comment
Stone position information used for playback of the recorded game
Using the player’s names associated with all stones found in a game, myCurlingCoach is able to display the player’s game and total statistics. Also found are histograms for the types of shots percentages and the hit reasons associated with the hit scores.
Included with myCurlingCoach’s statistics are the “Hits & Draw” statistics and a capability of selecting which of the 15 type of shots are to be considered as a hit or draw when calculating the “Hits & Draw” statistics.