myCurlingCoach - Team & Player Management


The “Team & Player Management ” sections is used to add new teams and add existing or new players to the teams and contains the following elements.

  1. Search bar at he top can be used to search for an existing team, add a new team.

  2. Table view lists the existing or newly added teams along with players associates with teams.

  3. Tableview that allows players to be moved between teams

  4. Using the standard iPad editing key stroke, players can be added and deleted from the team along with deletion of the team when there are no player associated with the team.

The search bar can used to search for teams recorded in myCurlingCoach database using any characters found in the team name or the club associated with the team.

When using the search bar to add a new team, the team name is required but the team club is optional and is set to default “NA” and once team add will be displayed in the table view in preparation for adding players.

Once the team has been added to the myCurlingCoach database and the “No Player in Team” is selected, a player popover appears with the name of players that can be added to the team.

The player popover can also be used to add new players to the myCurlingCoach database by adding the player’s name and club information without adding to a team.

Upon exiting of the team controller all player information changes are automatically saved.

The “+” and “Edit” buttons of the team management sections are used to add players to teams, move players between teams and remove players from teams and delete teams when no players are associated with the team.