Syl-la-bles Calculator


The "Syl-la-bles Calculator" iPhone app is the result of a challenge I received from my nephews and niece after a long session of playing the "Syl-la-bles" board game over the christmas holidays.  They wanted something that would help the game progress faster by helping to determine the total scores being accumulated by the players as we played the board game.  After a couple of iterations and some testing with the family, the "Syl-la-bles Calculator" Ver1.4 is now available in the App Store capable of operating in english, french or spanish all depending on the language your iPhone is set for.

"Syl-la-bles Calculator" is used along side the "Syl-la-bles" board game to determine the points being accumulated by players as the players progress around the "Syl-la-bles"  game board made by Twin Titan Innovations of Scarborough, Canada. The "Syl-la-bles Calculator" makes the game run smoothly as the younger players are either unable to count or get bored while the counting takes place.

Rolling the dice a player uses the "Syl-la-bles"  game board to finds a letter after which they have 60 seconds to find a word using this letter as the starting character of the word. Using the same points per character and syllables as in the Syl-la-bles"  game board the "Syl-la-bles Calculator" determines the points associated with this word and adds these points to the cumulative score of the player after the word has been accepted by the other players. It can also add 500 points awarded when a player successfully completes either the spelling or thesaurus questions found on the "Syl-la-bles"  game board.

The "Syl-la-bles Calculator" also keeps track of approved words and will not accept these words afterwards and requests a new word to be entered by the player when trying to accept a word that has been previously used.

The home page keeps the total score for each player and can be sorted using the names or scores by selecting "Sorted by Score" or "Sorted by Name" buttons found on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Version 1.2 displays also the latest approved word score along side with the total accumulation score for each of the players.

To add player click on "Add New Player" or hit "EDIT" button found in the navigation menu at the top. When using the "EDIT" button use the green "+" sign that appears next to "Add New Player" to add new player or the "-" sign to delete the player from game. Selecting the "DONE" will remove the  + & - signs that appear next to names.

After selecting "Add New Player" or the GREEN "+" from the main screen,  users are presented with a keyboard that is used to enter the player's names. Selecting "CANCEL" will cancel the new player entry and return to the main page found above. When the name is completed, selecting "return" will add the new players name to the list found on the main page.

This screen shows the keyboard used to enter word with the first character determined by the Syllable's board. If player has successfully completed the spelling or thesaurus questions selecting "Add Thesaurus or Spelling Points" label will add 500 point to player's total score.  After entering the word using the keyboard, the user can indicate the number of syllables in the word with the slider or selecting the "-" or "+" signs until the proper number is displayed.

A 60 second timer counts down the 60 second allowed to find  a word or correctly answer the thesaurus or spelling questions found with the "Syl-la-bles" board game.

After selecting "Done" or "Terminé" the "Syllable calculator" will verify if the words has been previously used and depending on the results one of the next two screen will appear.

After hitting "Done" or "Terminé"on the keyboard the from the previous screen shot and if the word has not been previously used and accepted, the following screen is used to accept or reject the new word.  The number of syllables can still be changed and any changes will be reflected in the display of the word score at the top of the page.

Selecting "APPROVED" or “APPROUVÉ” with add the word score to the player's total score displayed on the main screen and add the word to the previously used word list . However "REJECTED" or “REJETÉ” will cancel the word entry and return to main screen without adding any point to the player total scores and not add the word to the previously used word list.

Selecting "SPELL CHECK" or “ÉPELLATION” will verify the spelling of the entered word using the dictionary functionality found in the iPhone but note this is not a complete dictionary and it is recommended to use actual dictionary to double check the spelling of some words.

When player's enter an word that has been previously accepted, this screen is display requesting the player enters another word. Selecting the word and making the appropriate changes will allow the player to modify the word and continue.

The counter continues to count down the 60 seconds to allow for possible modification of the word initially entered and will display a red circle to indicate 60 seconds have expired. This is a visual indication only as the players are still allowed to reject, approve or spell check the entered word.

This screen shot is used when returning from the word page to show the number of points that will be added to the player's total score.