The first screen shot shows the startup page of the MobiBrowser app that contains the two separate views of the iPad’s split view. The larger view on the right contains the web pages being displayed or on startup a customizable view which can contain a company’s logo or any images associated with a company's products or trademarks.

The left side contains a list of links associated with the page being display in the right side view. For the startup screen it presents an “About” selection that is used to display information about the application, the company, a description of the app and how to use this MobiBrowser app.

The “Site Map” is used to display the hierarchy of the links being display by the app and indication of possible errors found in the configuration file that contains the links to the web pages. If an error is found, “Site Map - ERROR” will appear in red while “Site Map” in yellow shows no error found when parsing configuration file.

Selecting Mco App Design logo will cause the home page to be displayed as shown in the next screen shot.

The home page for the MobiBrowser contains the top level links and associated links found with the home  web page of the company.

The first, “Home Page” and last, “Contact Us” links are used to return to this home page or to a web page that is used for providing feedback on the MobiBrowser application.

The Mco App logo or company logo is used to return to the previous page being displayed by the application.  Selecting this will cause the application to return to the startup page illustrated above back as it was the page being displayed before this home page was selected.

When a link does not have any other links associated with it, this single link is displayed as a one entry as show with the “Contact US” link along with a detail disclosure button to indicate its selection will display a new web page and not other links.

Multiple links are presented in separate section that  contain all the associated links plus a title to illustrate the subject of all links in this section. For the Mco App Design MobiBrowser, links to the iPhone and iPad application are found in a section titled “Mobile Applications”.

Selecting the iPhone Apps will cause the next screen shot to display a web page contains all the information concerning the iPhone apps associated with Mco App Design.

The iPhone Apps web page illustrates all the links for iPhone apps associated with Mco App Design along with link to “App Store”  for the applications that are available in the “App Store”.

Selecting a link found in this web page will display a final web page the contains detailed information about the iPhone application selected.

Selecting Mco App Design logo will cause the previous web page to be displayed until the home page is and finally the startup web page. Therefore from this screen shot, selecting this twice will cause the startup page to be  displayed as shown in the first screen shot above.

The i button that appears in the bottom left corner of all the web pages can be used to display the “About“ information found on the startup screen.

Do you get frustrated while surfing with your mobile devices? Fonts too small, can not find a link, “zooming in” on links in order to select with your finger?  Use the power of iOS5 to create an innovative mobile browser experience without the frustration of having to look for or  “zooming in” to find links on the web pages.

Allow a MobiBrowser developed by Mco App Design to use the iPad’s split views to manage all the links associated with your web pages and add your website to the exciting world of mobile browsing.

The following screen shots shows the difference between browsing a typical web page using Safari on iPad and the MobiBrowser from Mco App Design illustrated in the next three screen shots.