myCurlingCoach - Stone Hit Information


Stones are added to the curling surface by selecting either the home or guest stone images found at the top of the hit information controller.

The select colored stone is place on the left side of the curling surface about in the middle of the curling surface. The stone can then be moved to any location on the curling surface that reflects the final position of the played stone thrown by the selected player. Assuming there is a valid player name, not equal to “Player’s Name Unknown” this information can be changed from their default values. Before moving the stone or after the stone is placed in its final position, the following hit information can be modified;

              1. Type of hit

              2. Hit score between -1 to 5

              3. Fixed reasons for given score

              4. Extra comment field

  1. Irrespective of the player’s name the following hit information can not be modified;

              1. Player’s name

              2. Stone number

              3. Stone color

              4. Using a list of predefined type of hits, a score between -1 to 5 can be assigned to the stone found described in the left hit information controller. There is also a predefined list of reason that can be used to explain the score value assigned to the stone. If for some reason, these are insufficient a comment box can be used to add more detail to the reason for the score.

              5. Exiting the hit controller will save all stone information if “Save” option is selected which will allow one to examine the game statistics of all the previously saved ends.

For unknown player with names equal to “Player’s Name Unknown”, these above fields reflect the unknown player name along with the stone color and number that will be stored for valid games. All hit information is disabled for an unknown player but stones is recorded and can be played back.

In this fashion a pre-recorded can can be setup with unknown players with only the stone numbers, color and location being stored for playback at a later date.

When all 16 stoned have been played, the end score controller  appears requesting the score to be recored for the completed end. The curling surface is cleared of previous stones and ready to record the next end.

The end being recorded can be changed using the end controller shown below by selecting the “END” button displayed by the hit controller. Selected another end number then those highlighted will save the existing end hit information irrespective of the number of stones that have been played in the existing end.

This is can also be used to select new ends to be played where the previously saved ends which have a grey background and can not be selected.

As the saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words” so with a stone selected, an image from the photo library or a new camera images can be associated with a stone. This image is then present during the game playback feature of myCurlingCoach.

For more information concerning the playback option check out the statistics controller.

For more information and detail about Statistics Controller select this text...Statistics.html