myCurlingCoach - Game Playback Controller


Selecting the “Playback Game” in the games statistics controller will activate the playback option by displaying a score board at the top of the curling surface which displays the score on an end per end basis.

Once the game playback is activated, the “Stop Playback” button at any time will terminate the playback mode but is only visible in the landscape mode.

Rotating the iPad to the portrait mode will add “Display Image” and “Playback Stone” buttons in the navigation bar which can be used to control the playback mode for the selected game.

The “Display Image” button is activated when an image is found to be associated with a stone being place on the curling surface. Depending if image is displayed the button will either dismiss the display at a later point in time the last image found associated with the playback stones.

The “Playback Stone” button is used to place one stone at a time on the curling surface in the same order as recorded in a game.

When all the stones associated with the end are placed on the curling surface, selecting the “Playback Stone” button will generate an alert message indicating the end is completed and add the completed end’s points to the score board found at the top of the curling surface. Irrespective of the portrait orientation, the end score will always be placed at the top and is place near the hog line when in the upside down portrait orientation

The two screen shots below illustrate the portrait mode used for the playback option of the selected game along with the score for end 1 being added once all stones for end 1 have been placed on the curling surface.

When an image is attached to a stone by the stone hit controller, the image will be displayed in a popover.

The “Display Image” button is activated and once an image is displayed, this “Dismiss Image” button is used to dismiss the image popover. After an image has been dismissed it can be recalled by selecting the “Display Image” which will display the last image found to be attached to a playback stone.