myCurlingCoach Ver 2.0


The myCurlingCoach iPad application is used by curling coaches to;

      1. Collect statistics of all stones thrown in games including the stone number, color, scoring information and player information.

      2. Discuss strategy by placing curling stones on the playing surface.

      3. Discuss the game strategy by playing back the stones from a recorded game.

      4. Setup and record a game to illustrate specific strategies for training purposes.

      5. Record games using both the near and far houses without having to reverse the placement of the curling stones.

      6. Take a picture of the house and store with a player’s recorded stones.

  1. When my CurlingCoach app is launched in the landscape mode the following screen appears to allow the user to display the score controller when ready to start recording a game, viewing statistics or adding teams or players to the myCurlingCoach data base.

For more information and detail about scoring controller select this text...Score_Controller.html

When myCurlingCoach is launched in the portrait mode, users are able to add home or guest curling stones to the curling surface and move them to any location visible on the iPad.

As shown in figure to the left, with portrait mode with the home button at the bottom, the far house is displayed at the top of the scrollable curling view. As a result there is no need to place stones on the opposite sides when using a near house to represent the far house stones.

To reach the hog line and place stones in front on the hog, the scrollable view needs to be scrolled towards the bottom.

Selecting the “Scoring” button from the startup view will present the scoring controller that is used to;

      1. Setup game information as name, club, date, stone colors to record all thrown stones in a game.

      2. Setup shot selections to be used for draw, hits statistics.

      3. Setup the game players information as name, club, and thrown stone color and numbers to use for recorded game.

      4. Setup a pre-recorded game to discuss strategy at a later time with teams without having to enter valid player information.

      5. View player statistics of the recorded games found in the application data base.

In the portrait mode with the home button at the top as shown in the figure to the left, the near house is displayed at the bottom of the scrollable view. The home or guest stones can be selected as per actual stone colors and any rotation of the iPad will maintain the stones locations.

To reach the hog line and place stones in front on the hog, the scrollable view needs to be scrolled towards the top as illustrated in the figure above.

For more detailed information and about myCurlingCoach app select to download “User’s guide”...Curling_Coach_files/myCurlingCoach%20Users%20Guide%20on%20Web.pdf